Who is Tetrode?

The name Tetrode is about 750 year old,
a family from the mediaeval.
Only a walk from Haarlem was
a small groupe of farms called Tetterode
which means a clean of thatch
which was owned by the count of Holland.
Holland had counts from 922 untill 1299.
The eldest known Tetrode is Gerard van Tetrode who founded the famous St Jan monastery in Haarlem in 1310. Today the archives of many city`s in Kennemerland (district Kinheim) and the province North Holland.

There are many famous Tetrodes over the years. Like Aernt van Tetrode in Leiden. Many people nowadays call hem their ancestor. The rich brewer Willem van Tetrode who left behind the ``hofje`` for old poor people in de Haarlemmerstreet in Leiden. This convent van Tetterode is over 500 years old, and almost the oldest hofje in Holland.

Willem Danielszoon van Tetrode was a famous artist in Holland and Italy. Or Elisabeth van Tetrode. She`s grandma of Rembrandt van Rijn in Leiden.  

House and brewery Bakenessegracht / Donkere Spaarn A woman colled Malle Babbe, who`s name resound in songs and story`s, worked in the pub De Bastaerd Pijp in the Smedestraat in Haarlem, which  was probably owned by Cornelis.
The fighter by Willem Danelszoon van Tetrode
Nuptune Florence in Italy - Willem van Tetrode helped building it
Cornelis Sijmonsz Tetrode was a rich trader in wheat. In Haarlem he was also a famous brewer. In Amsterdam vicar Nicolaas Tetterode conduct a service in the In the Grote Kerk (Big Church) and in The Hague Anthony van Tetroode began his King William the second museum. My granddad`s granddad was schuitenjager in Leidschendam, just outside The Hague. The biggest collection typography in Europe is called the Tetterode collection. You can find it in the library of the university of Amsterdam. 
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