Visite Haarlem in the Golden Age

British tourists were three centuries ago impressed
by the people of the United Provincies, now known as
the Netherlands. They visited mostly Haarlem, Leiden
and Amsterdam, the greatest towns of Holland in that time.
It proved to be a fascinating and highly rewarding personal

Life in Holland is a subject that has attracted many readers. The people were rich in their minds and in their purse. They took care for the poor men, women and children. Share the welfare was as normal as pay tax for maintenance the dikes which kept the people from drowning.

See for yourselve what Holland looked like in the eyes of seventheenth century travellers. Sinds 1700 the Seven Provinces were often visited by British tourists on their first journey abroad. While doing so, they kept journals or wrote letters tot their friends at home, and it is through these documents that we can learn about their daily occupations and see the sights, many of which are stille standing. 

In 1663 Jan de Bray painted in the `fine art` city Haarlem ``feed, pamper and clothe the orphan``. The art in the golden age represent the time which was called ``Hollands glorie`` or the Glory of Holland.

During the 80 years war (1568 - 1648) with Spain, the church didn`t ask for expensive art anymore. So the painters had to look for new buyers. And they found quick a new group: The rich people like wheattrader Cornelis van Tetrode and Pieter Tetrode poorter (gatekeeper) in Amsterdam.